Kristof Lauwers

Kristof Lauwers studied classical guitar with Ida Polck and experimental composition with dr. Godfried-Willem Raes at the Ghent Royal Conservatory. He specialized in electroacoustic music, music with live electronics and algorithmic composition.
Currently he is working at the Logos Foundation, a centre for experimental music in Ghent, where he collaborates to the development of a programming language designed for real-time algorithmic and interactive musical applications.
He is also a member of the Logos Robot Orchestra, for which he writes interactive pieces, using movement sensors, where a computer programs make musical decisions dependent on the actions of musicians or dancers that play together with the orchestra.
Next to his work with the robots; he also creates electroacoustic / ambient music and chamber music with live electronics, mostly using open source software.
He received composition commisions by Ghent university college and Transit festival.