Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Jean Paul Van Bendegem (1953, Ghent) is a mathematician, a philosopher of science, and a prominent professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels. He was also dean of the faculty of Arts and Philosophy, and is currently head of the CLWF (Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science) at the same university.

Van Bendegem is an honorary chairman of SKEPP(Research Society for Critical Evaluation of Pseudoscience and the Paranormal).
Van Bendegem is the university’s representative to the CNRL–NCNL(French: Centre National de Recherches de Logique, Dutch: Nationaal Centrum voor Navorsingen in de Logica, English: National Centre for Investigations in Logic). He is chief editor of their quarterly magazine Logique et Analyse.

In mathematics, he is a strict finitist.