Godfried-Willem Raes

Godfried-Willem Raes, born in Gent (Europe) in 1952, is known worldwide as a ‘musicmaker’ in the largest sense of the word.

As a composer/performer and instrumentmaker he is the founder of the Logos- Group (1968), out of which grew the Logos Duo, with Moniek Darge as well as the well known Logos robotorchestra, operating with his 65 musical robots.
He studied musicology and philosophy at the Ghent State University as well as piano, clarinet, percussion and composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Gent.
Next to his reputation as a composer, he is also a well known expert in computer technology, robotics and interactive electronic art. He holds a doctors degree from Ghent State University .
He was a full time research and composition professor at the Ghent University Association, School of Arts, until his retirement in 2014.
He is currently the president of the Logos Foundation and general director of the Logos robot orchestra.