The Logos Foundation is Flanders’ unique professional organisation for the promotion of new music, sound art and audio-related arts by means of new music production, concerts, performances, exhibitions, composition, technological research and other activities related to contemporary music.


Logos is home to the Robot Orchestra, the largest fully automated acoustic orchestra in the world. As well as playing written compositions, the robots can interact with performers (using our gesture recognition technology) to create new music in real time. But the Foundation is far more than just the robots. We host concerts by visiting innovative artists from around the world in our specially designed Tetrahedron and produce other projects such as the Pneumaphones,the Singing Bicycles, the Howling Hometrainers, music boxes, audio art installations, and we also have an extensive archive and documentation centre as well as a workshop for instrument building and an electronics research lab. To keep up to date with our activities, subscribe to our e-mail list for news and concert updates.

Board of directors

Godfried-Willem Raes, president
Moniek Darge
Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Machteld Van den Abeele
Luk Vaes


Kristof Lauwers, artistic director
Mattias Parent, business manager
Laura Maes, production director
Xavier Verhelst, composer


Logos is always seeking volunteers.

Do you want to join the Logos team? Contact us!


Current volunteers are Lothar Boeykens, Kati Couck, Matthias Streulens, Kurd Vandevelde, Peter Van Lancker and Lara Van Wynsberghe.